Simone Kessler and Edward Beierle met in Munich in 2006. Since then they have been supporting each other again and again in projects.

FOLLOWER – female follows form is their first joint art project. What their works have in common is a strong interest in repeatedly dealing with the poetic phenomena of everyday life, in exploring them, expanding them, placing them in new contexts, and thus enabling the viewer of their works to have a different, expanded view of the seemingly everyday. This is based on the conviction that a change of perspective on different levels can bring out changes and, in the sense of a social sculpture, has a shaping effect on society by shifting boundaries. Inspired by Valie Export’s “Körpererkonfigurationen”, Erwin Wurms “one-minute-sculptures” or Willi Dorner’s “Bodies in urban Space” an artistic concept emerged that no longer focuses on the artists, but wants to motivate their fellow human beings to make their own (body) experiences. By becoming part of the work of art and acting in a clearly visible, unconventional way in public urban space, our fellow human beings also become differently perceptible to their surroundings, and they become a source of irritation/joy for other passing citizens.


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